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Welcome to Ocean Breeze Massage, home of the Beach Bungalow Massage Experience.  

The goal at Ocean Breeze Massage is not only to provide you with a fantastic individually tailored massage, but also to create the perfect atmosphere in which you begin to relax the moment you enter the door.  With the look, smell, and feel of a vacation at the beach, you will be instantly transported to your own personal getaway.

The Licensed Massage Therapist, Jenny Wailes, excels in both Therapeutic and Relaxation techniques.  So whether you prefer deeper pressure work for stress point and tension relief, or more gentle pressure and fluid motion of Swedish massage, Jenny's knowledge and experience in many different styles makes Ocean Breeze Massage the ULTIMATE in relaxation.  

The philosophy is one of healing.  Every person's body is different and therefore the treatment for every person is different, custom tailored to each client, every session.  This process requires honest communication and feedback between both the therapist and the client.  Your comfort and confidence is a PRIORITY to Ocean Breeze Massage.  Your capacity to receive the full benefits of a massage treatment is impossible without your ability to be completely comfortable and confident in the treatment your are receiving.

We want you to know we are Professional Massage Therapy Provider.  We utilize secure top sheet draping at all times and under no circumstances is any inappropriate behavior or communication acceptable from the client or the therapist.

We can't wait to show you what the Ocean Breeze Massage Experience is all about!!


"Jenny is a miracle worker. I suffered for years from shoulder pain stemming from labrum surgery, and neck pain which I believe to be tied in as well. After 2 sessions with Jenny, it's been a complete 180°. I've been sleeping better and my shoulder pain is almost non existent. I have better mobility and range of motion, and she always makes me feel comfortable when in her care. Highly recommended!" ~ Adam C.

"I have nothing but great things to say about Jenny. I have dealt with shoulder and neck pain for years - poor posture and a desk job being the main culprits. Every session with Jenny gets me closer and closer to being pain-free. I used to come home from work in tears due to intense shoulder/neck pain...not anymore! Jenny makes you feel so comfortable, she's really reasonably priced, and she's given me some great tips to use between massages. Highly recommend!!" ~ Amy B.

"I had shoulder surgery about a year ago and everything went well for some time, but then I started having severe pain and limited mobility. I went to the orthopedic doctor and the physical therapist, neither was much help. I went for a one hour session with Jenny and left with virtually no pain and much better mobility. I continue to improve every time she works on me and I couldn't be more thankful!" ~ Pete P.

"Must try!! I was having severe pain in my neck even after weeks of seeing a chiropractor and could notice a significant difference after just one session. That is the honest reason I keep coming back! It is well worth the price and there are fantastic discounts-everyone should try this place at least once! You will not be disappointed!!" ~ Melissa M.

"We love having you at our office! You are simply the best compared to others we have used in the past." ~ Greg Press, L & C Medical Billing

"Jenny is the best massage therapist I have ever been to! She has a wealth of knowledge about the way the human body is supposed to work, so she is able to pinpoint your trouble spots and relieve tension/pain. The atmosphere at Ocean Breeze Massage is very relaxing." ~ Jessie H.


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