Ocean Breeze Massage

Services and Rates

~ MASSAGE PRICING ~  *See descriptions below*

The Ocean Breeze Massage (Therapeutic or Relaxation)
60 min. ~ $70
90 min. ~ $90
120 min. ~ $110

Day Trip Massage (The Usual Suspects)
30 min. ~ $40


The Ocean Wave Massage (Rebalancing)
60 min ~ $70‚Äč
Lymphatic Massage
90 min. ~ $90

Reflexology/Thai Foot Massage
60 min ~ $75
90 min ~ $100



The Ocean Breeze Massage (Therapeutic)
Ocean Breeze Massage uses several different styles of massage to create a treatment plan specifically designed to address each clients focal points, problem areas, comfort level and pressure request.  Styles of massage include Therapeutic, Thai, Shiatsu, Positional Release, Rebalancing, Myofacial, and Reflexology.

The Ocean Breeze Massage (Relaxation)
Just need to relax and get away for awhile?  This full body Swedish style relaxation massage doesn't spend too much time on specific areas, but helps you let go of your day to day stress and tension.  Expect a quiet session while you are transported to a tropical getaway with the sounds and view of ocean waves.

Day-Trip Massage (The Usual Suspects)
For those of you don't have a lot of time or just want work on the "usual suspects", this massage focuses on the most common areas of complaint, the neck, shoulders, and upper back.  

*This is not a full-body massage*


Lymphatic Massage ~ 1.5 Hour **Can't say enough good things about this!**

The lymphatic system naturally detoxifies or gets rid of cellular waste, dead blood cells, pathogens, and toxins; transporting them throughout the body in veins much like the circulatory system. These sometimes harmful cells and debris can accumulate and get "held up" in your lymph organs, nodes, and vessels instead of getting filtered out of your body. If they are not removed from your body like they are supposed to, they can affect how you feel. 

Because the lymphatic system doesn't have a "heart", the action of your muscles and joints are entirely responsible for upward movement of the lymph fluid through the whole body. 

This very light massage helps clear stagnant lymph by emulating the natural lymphatic circulation path with precise, gentle, and rhythmic pressure leaving you feeling balanced, invigorated, whole, and present. 

Proven to be effective for clients with:

-Fatigue or Lack of Energy
-Sinus Congestion
-Tension Headaches
-Emotional Stress & Depression
-Circulatory Problems
-Edema or Swelling

Great boost for sluggish immune systems and for detoxing!!

The Ocean Wave Massage (Rebalancing)  **A FAVORITE**
Tension from not moving around or staying in the same position a lot? Try this! It can really help with decreased range of motion issues too.

Think of it like a Chi machine for your whole body. It involves rocking, traction, vibration, rhythmic compression, and other jostling and movement techniques to coax joints, muscles, and tissue to loosen up and relax on their own without any forceful or deep pressure. 

Pair this massage with an energizing essential oil and you will leave refreshed, and motivated rather than zoned out and ready for a nap.

BONUS: For all you shy or first time massage folks out there, since we don't need direct contact with the skin, there is no need to get anxious about what to wear (or not to wear!) Just come on in and hop on the table fully clothed and we are ready to start.
It feels great and it's a great mood booster!! Definitely a massage to get regularly.

Reflexology/Thai Foot Massage 
Reflexology is one of the oldest surviving healing methods still utilized today.  Your feet and hands are full of acupressure/reflexology points.  Stimulating these pressure points can help alleviate the source of discomfort as well as promote general health.  

Reflexology has long been used to prevent illness and relieve symptoms of stress and injury.  As there are pressure points relating to all areas of the body located in the feet and hands, it is also a great alternative to use in situations in which contact to the area of discomfort is not possible or contraindicated.  



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